Erin is an old soul spiritual warrior full of awe for the synchronicity and the magic of our times, albeit the tremendous challenges. Revolution happens one awakened and healed individual at a time, and she has spent quite a few years and lifetimes pondering and choosing which battles to fight.

Erin has a wicked sense of humor and keen perception and insight into people. She is ethereal, yet down-to-Earth and sympathetic the common struggles of Woman/Man. She experienced a life-transforming near-death episode at 27 which opened up different metaphysical gifts. She is free-spirited star medicine woman with a singing voice that gets in your bones and touches your soul. Her first major kundalini awakening was on a day that she was of service all day, which
taught her a lot about the Essence of Grace surrounding Serving the Oneness and increased the intensity of her sexual-spiritual energy as a liberative tool, becoming a potent tantrika and dakini in the process.

She has studied Massage, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Egyptian Tantra, Sri Vidya Goddesss Worship, Magic, Emotional Freedom Technique aka E.F.T., Law of Attraction, and many body-mind and yogic disciplines. She is currently studying Chinese Herbalism at ACCHS in Oakland with Juan Carlos Collins, who she HIGHLY recommends if you are interested in seeing a Master Herbalist in San Francisco for any condition. Google him.

Erin wishes that humanity realized that whatever you put out comes right back to you so be generous and good to others as if they were yourself and love each other as if we were all children in this together, figuring it out together. Give compassion as if anyone could die at any moment. Give a small gift away every day for 29 days as an experiment, whether it’s a dollar to a homeless person, street musician, backrub to a loved one, compliment to a stranger. The Dali Lama said, “Basic Kindness is the Highest Wisdom of All.” Give thanks for all that you are grateful for in your life upon waking or going to bed and throughout the day when inspired. These are the basic Laws of Attraction that provide for a prosperous and divinely guided and synchronistic life.

She wishes to encourage your spiritual discipline or health endeavors in whatever way feels appropriate to you. She is a believer in helping you develop your authentic expression, inner guidance, and spiritual-emotional-physical wellness. Even if your spiritual calling is not something that she teaches, it is a wise idea to empower yourself with some kind of meditative body-mind practice in these chaotic yet spiritually potent and transformative times in which we live. Incarnating in a body and not having a spiritual practice is like going to the Milky Way’s main event and not making the most of this incredible opportunity for spiritual development.

There is no Coincidence in a Universe where everything is inter-connected and linear time is transcended in the higher dimensions through which the Earth is currently shifting. The veil between what we think and what happens to us in reality is becoming very thin. Karma- the Law of Cause and Effect- is becoming more instant. Many are becoming more psychic and awakened to the lies they have been told about Reality and to these people- I dedicate the Bounty of my healing career.

May the World be at Peace. May All Separation & Illusion fade into a theatrical apocalypse of our own creative envisioning. Whatever the future holds, we must reconcile our Immortality now and purify our karma to co-create the future now. May you realize your Infinite Nature as a microcosm of the Universe. Love yourselves and take care of each other. Blessings.