Nataraj has a breadth of knowledge in metaphysics, mysticism, music, magic, holistic healing, creative arts, and tantric alchemy. She is a practicing Vajrayana (tantric) Buddhist, Hindu, Hatha yogi, Pagan High Priestess, and Priestess of Isis (Egyptian tantra) who refuses to choose just one religion. The tantric interconnectness of all things is beyond the illusions of separation and dogma that most religions preach to a greater or lesser degree.
Nataraj- also known as Kali or Erin- is an old soul who possesses powerful manifestation and metaphysical abilities, intense charisma, a great sense of humor, passion for life, wisdom for death (including her favorite: ego death) and a passion for the immortal
thrills beyond death. She is a seer between worlds, shaman, art warrior legend, and a free-spirited star medicine woman with the voice of an angel. Kali loves giving mixed modality sessions for full body-mind-heart healing. She has a passion for laying crystals on and around people during massages and pranic angelic healing. You will leave feeling physically and emotionally lighter, infused with the energy of crystals and her touch: strong, sensual, divine, and intuitive. She reads and balances chakras with crystals during a massage or pranic healing treatment.
Kali wishes to encourage your spiritual discipline in whatever way feels authentic to your soul. She is a believer in helping you develop inner peace, unconditional love, authentic expression, child-like wonder, imagination, and paying respect, devotion, and surrender to the Enlightened Masters and the teleological Will of the Universe moving through each one of us Spiritual Beings on this Human Adventure.
Even if your spiritual calling is not something that she teaches, it is a wise idea to empower yourself with some kind of meditative body-mind practice in these chaotic yet spiritually potent and transformative times in which we live. Incarnating in a body and not having a spiritual practice is like going to the Milky Way’s main event and not making the most of this incredible opportunity for spiritual development.
We should all be so fortunate and disciplined as to self-actualize qualities of unconditional love, forgiveness, integrity, and spiritual devotion, whatever path you may choose. May All Separation & Illusion fade into a theatrical apocalypse of our own creative envisioning. Whatever the future holds, we must reconcile our Immortality now and purify our karma to co-create the future now. Christ consciousness is universal, non-denominational, and all forgiving. The Kingdom of Heaven is in the Heart and always has been. Blessings on your journey. May I help to lighten your heart and be of service to your soul.